Sunday, October 10, 2010

Talking to Myself.....

Is it just me, or do other folks talk to themselves? Come on, don't let me be in this club all by myself.

I don't mean just the forehead-slapping comments like, "You are such an idiot!" when I leave (yet another) plastic bowl lid on the hot stove burner.

I mean I have entire conversations with myself in my head.

I find myself thinking in the plural, and I answer myself. I was doing that today while I rode my bike. (Again!)

Me (at an intersection): Let's see..... We could go to the right and loop around by the airport, or we could go to the left.

Other me: We could go left and loop around Than Skinner and Chicken Lyle, then come BACK this way and THEN loop around the airport.

Me: I don't really like to come back the same way I went. It looks retarded on the map when I download it from the GPS.

Other me: Who cares what it looks like? It's a nice road for cycling.

Me: Yeah, but Than Skinner and Chicken Lyle are both really hilly. And twisty.

Other me: So? Aren't we out here to get some exercise?

Me: Oh all right.


Me: Why did we just go straight at that light, avoiding Highway 81, only to ride through this dead subdivision and get right back on Highway 81?

Other me: It's only for half a mile.

Me: But it's uphill.

Other me: Stop whining.

Me: Cars go really fast on this road.

Other me: It's only for half a mile.

Me: It doesn't take much distance for a car to run over us.

Other me: [Sigh]

You know what the really scary part is? I can never tell which one is the real me.


Evil Pixie said...

I talk to myself all the time. It does matter where I am. I even talk to myself in front of other people. Those that know have learned to just ignore it, while those that don't often just back away slowly (which I prefer). :)

Amy said...

All the time! Especially when I am in conflict with someone. I practice how I would tell them off...which I never do because they won't say what the other me says.

I just have to be careful that I am alone in the house. Teenagers give you a weird and at the same time worried look when you do that!