Thursday, October 14, 2010

Team Chi-Chis On the Road......

Three-fourths of Team Chi-Chis is on the road in South Georgia for a bicycle ride this weekend. Actually, the fourth member will also be here, but she has to work the ride and can't actually ride. We think she might be breaking up with us anyway.

We brought the RV, and we conveniently parked next to a source of electricity so we don't have to crank the generator. Yay! I just hope someone doesn't come along in the middle of the night, discover our (sort of?) theft, and disconnect us. With my breathing mask on and no electricity, I may suffocate.

We have grand plans for riding this weekend that may or may not include riding another century like last year. The weather is supposed to be ideal, the roads are mostly rural, the terrain is flat, and if the wind doesn't blow, it will be perfect. I hope to take some photos tomorrow when we return from our ride. Those photos may or may not include tiki lanterns and adult beverages.

For now, we had an almost-four-hour drive, and it's past my bedtime. Happy almost-weekend!

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