Friday, October 22, 2010

The Beginning of a New Era.......

With tremendous reservations, I took my brand-new bike to school today and had Hubby drop me off. I only tooled around the neighborhood for about a mile last night, and I wasn't sure about riding it any distance. The first ride has to come sometime, though, and I figured a Friday afternoon was as good a time as any.

About an hour after Hubby dropped me off at school, I texted him and asked if he could swing BACK by and drop off my (new) helmet. I had left it in the back floorboard, and he didn't even complain about having to bring it back to me. Other than go to the "Y" and have breakfast with the old fogies at Mickey D's, what ELSE did he have to do with his time?

I had only minor trepidation when I left school on my bike. I figured out how to change gears and became more and more comfortable with them. The only minor issue I had was with my mirror. The one I had on my yellow bike doesn't fit the drop handlebars as well, and I didn't take time to install the bar-end one yet. I hope it is in a good position, or I may have to make another attempt at a mirror that clamps on to my helmet. I tried one of those once, but I couldn't see cars behind me very well. I could see most of my ear canal, but not so much the cars.

The new bike is a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ride, I'm here to tell ya. I felt like Lance Freakin' Armstrong. I added the same extra loop I added on my trip home Wednesday, then I headed for the golf course. It was 18.6 miles in all, and I cruised up the hill to the golf course WITHOUT STANDING UP on the pedals. I can't wait to ride tomorrow.

It has been an unusual Friday night already. We always go out to eat on Friday night, but tonight I didn't really want to. Instead I grilled some burgers and sauteed some mushrooms and onions. Those were for me, 'cause Hubby won't touch "toadstools." Then I got out my new sewing machine to go back to work on the next stage of my quilt. I didn't actually put any thread in the machine yet, but I went so far as to take it out of the box. I also returned a call from the parent of an online student. The mom called me early in the day today, but I wasn't in a position to take her call, and her voicemail sounded angry. I didn't want to call her back from school, so I waited until I got home. Turns out she wasn't angry, she just couldn't figure out how to do her son's assignment. I got her straightened out and answered my three-times-daily text message/email/phone call/pager message from Austin, who doesn't need a teacher so much as he does a buddy. I do like him, though, and I'm going to miss him next semester.

It's not even eight o'clock yet, and I'm ready for bed. And because I'm grown, I may just go there. Right after I have my (sugar-free) chocolate milk.

Happy weekend, y'all!

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Maggie said...

You crack me up! The parent calling to see how to do her son's homework jsut cracked me up. And lookat you with your new bike, and an 8pm bedtime- go you!

And new bike sounds totally awesome! Enjoy!