Monday, October 4, 2010

Campsite #37......

I can relate to campsite #37.

When Hubby and I checked in today, the girl in the office assigned us campsite number 37. She said if we didn't want that one, we could choose any open campsite and then call them to tell them which one we chose.

All of the campsites in this campground are gorgeous. They are paved, which means we track much less dirt and leaves and junk into the RV. We are in the (sort of) mountains of northern Alabama, and autumn has made a sudden appearance. It was a beautiful day, just like yesterday at home.

Campsite #37 was fine. It was just slightly uphill, though, and our RV doesn't have levelers. We looked across the little road and saw another site that was perfectly level. There were lots of open sites, so we moved over to campsite #49.

All through the afternoon and evening, we saw several RVs come through, searching for a suitable site. One HUGE rig made three laps around the loop we are in, evidently a lot pickier than we are. I have no idea where they finally landed.

Several pulled through campsite #37 and then left. I began to feel sorry for #37.

It reminds me of middle school and choosing teams during PE. I was campsite #37. People didn't pick me until I was the only one left.

I'm sorry we didn't stay, campsite #37. I know exactly how you feel.

Campsite #37 finally has occupants. I hope they have a wonderful time.

I hope to have pictures tomorrow. I didn't have my priorities in order today. Can you say "bloody mary"?

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