Thursday, October 7, 2010

Further Proof.....

.....that even though Hubby is close to perfect, he is, after all, still a man.

When we got our new (king-sized) bed, we didn't have king-sized pillows. We got new sheets (green ones that were supposed to be blue, but whatever), but the pillowcases sat on my dresser, waiting until we got bigger pillows. In the meantime, we just used the standard pillows off the old bed.

Last Friday night we went shopping specifically for king-sized pillows. We finally found two that we could agree on, and since we had a 30% off coupon at our favorite department store, we bought an additional set of sheets as well. They are cream-colored. That is an important detail.

Hubby went to bed before I did, because as usual I was watching baseball and surfing the web. I told him if he wanted to use the new pillows, the pillowcases were on my dresser.

When I started to bed, I discovered that he had indeed put new pillowcases on the new pillows. He went to the trouble to get the package of new sheets out of the shopping bag, open the package, pull the new pillowcases out, and put them on the new pillows.

Beautiful cream-colored pillowcases. With green (that were supposed to be blue, but whatever) sheets.

Hubby happened to be awake still, and when I just stood there, staring at the brand-new, mismatched pillows and sheets, he said, "What?"

I reached for the green (that were supposed to be blue, but whatever) pillowcases on my dresser. "I meant THESE pillowcases." I wasn't angry, just .... perplexed?

And he was genuinely puzzled. "It never occurred to me they weren't the same color," he said.

Oh, to be a man in my next life. Where it wouldn't matter if the sheets and the pillowcases matched, and an orange bike would be tolerable.

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Anonymous said...

I would be equally perplexed by that same situation. I feel similar whenever Hubby dresses our kids.