Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is That All You Came Looking For?...........

A few months ago, I put one of those free "Stats Checker" thingies on my blog. It's a pretty cool tool that can tell you how many people accessed your blog. But it doesn't tell you how many of those page loads were YOUR OWN because you kept checking to see if maybe someone commented on your latest shards of brilliance. (I stole that phrase from another blogger. So sue me.)

It will, however, provide the IP address of anyone who has landed on my blog, so if I were industrious resourceful curious bored enough to do so, I guess I could feasibly find the name of everyone who has ever visited my blog.

The thing I find most interesting, however, is NOT that last Thursday my page was loaded 68 different times when the number is usually in the 20's or 30's. I like to see what search phrase has brought people to my blog. I just find it intriguing that we have the technology to do that. What meaningful purpose can it possibly serve? Other than, of course, the entertainment of very small minds like mine?

I don't check the stats finder every day. I'm not THAT sad curious obsessed mindless bored. But I check it every now and then just to see if anything has changed.

Every single time I have checked it since I put it on my blog, there have been two phrases that stand out in the keyword analysis from search engines. Both are posts that I wrote long ago. I have posted many, many things since then, yet these two keep showing up as the most frequently searched terms.

"Loud obnoxious people"


"Skinny dipping couples"

I hope those casual readers don't think those are the ONLY people I know.


midlife_swimmer said...

My most searched post to date is me at 230 plus pounds in a spandex tri suit... dont ask me why and you should see the keyword searches that evidently lead people to it....... oh my!

Maggie said...

I wonder about people, and then am scared of them. My biggest searches are "cake purses" and..."thumb in vagina." Yeah. I know. I don't think I want those people reading my blog. Ewwwww!

Evil Pixie said...

Hahahaha! I love it! Interestingly enough, my biggest searches are "Evil Pixie." I'm not quite sure how to take that. :)