Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good to Be Home......

As wonderful as it is to go away on vacation, it is equally awesome to come back home. I will go through my pictures later (probably after BRAG, when most of you will have forgotten that I ever WENT on a cruise.....) and post any that are decent.

There are some things I will miss about the cruise, and some things I won't.

I WILL miss having a stateroom steward make up the bed for me. Twice every day.

I WILL NOT miss the screaming "little bastards" who ran up and down the halls at night. I bought a stateroom on that level because I thought people with little kids wouldn't spend that kind of money!

I WILL miss the buffets.

I WILL NOT miss the constant swaying and dipping of the ship. This was our fourth cruise, and I don't remember the seas being that rough before. And uh..... could it please stop now that I'm back on land? Please?

I WILL miss the sparkling, clear, blue waters of the Caribbean.

I WILL NOT miss the "balcony" on which we had to squeeze past our chairs just to sit down. I'm thinking this particular cruise line, the one with the big red and blue whale tail at the end of the ships, is guilty of serious false advertising.

I WILL miss the towel animals we found on our bed every night. Only on the last night could we agree on what the animal really was. And it was NEVER a scorpion, no matter what Hubby says.

I WILL NOT miss the loud-mouthed dude who sat next to me at the poker table last night. I seriously almost put on my teacher voice to ask him, "DO. YOU. EVER. SHUT. UP?????" Instead I just relinquished my seat (and stack of chips) to Hubby.

I WILL miss the drink of the day.

I WILL NOT miss Trevor the Cruise Director.

I WILL miss the look on Hubby's face when he tasted Curried Chilled Apple Soup. Followed closely by the look on his face when at first the waiter served him a bowl that was empty except for a thimbleful of apples in the bottom of it.

I WILL NOT miss taking a big old forkful of mayonnaise, thinking it was some sort of pudding that Nurse Jane had brought for Hubby.

I WILL miss naps. Several of them every day.

I WILL NOT miss the wind. Lots of it.

I WILL miss having Hubby bring me a cup of coffee every morning.

I WILL NOT miss $3.95 bottles of water in the stateroom.

I WILL miss the beautiful beach on Half Moon Cay.

I WILL NOT miss the crowds in Nassau, precipitated by the fact that there were FIVE STINKIN' CRUISE SHIPS IN PORT AT THE SAME FREAKIN' TIME.

I WILL miss one cab driver being thrown off the property at the Atlantis resort in Nassau because he couldn't provide the proper documentation that he was registered. Even though it was a little aggravating to have to hoist ourselves out of his taxi. The same officer who threw him off the property welcomed him back with a handshake when he showed up ten minutes later with his paperwork all squared away.

I WILL NOT miss the parade of private yachts that cruised past us while we were in port in Nassau, generating supreme bitterness and causing me to make obscene gestures at the people in those yachts, when they hadn't really done anything to me personally.

I WILL miss the relaxation. And the sunrises.

Next week when it is 90 degrees outside and I am riding a bicycle across Georgia, I will try to remember standing at the railing (of our microscopic balcony) and how the cool breezes felt.

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Evil Pixie said...

I LOVE that photograph! The sky is amazing.