Sunday, June 6, 2010

BRAG Day One.....

We left camp this morning at around 6:30. Today's route was either 59 miles (according to the bike computer), 58 miles (according to the GPS on the back of the bike), or 57 miles (according to the lying route map. We got into camp at 12:33, pretty early for us. It got hot toward the end and very windy, two of the things we hate the most on a bicycle.

High points:

(Probably not for Katydid.) Watching Katydid put a packet of fruit punch mix into her coffee because she thought it was creamer. I didn't really watch her do it, or I would have stopped her. Probably. And I didn't even laugh, but I wanted to.

Riding past Atlanta Motor Speedway, on a road that runs along the back of it. BRAG asked that they allow the bicyclists to come and ride a lap around the speedway, but they wanted $6500 for the privilege. What's up with that?

Going downtown to listen to a couple of bands. The first one was pretty good, the second one not so much. But it was free, so I shouldn't complain.

Breaking the speed limit on the tandem. The posted speed limit was only 35 mph, and we were going 35.3, but that is a clear violation. I wish we had gotten a ticket.

Hearing from my nephew that he's planning to come see us on the ride later in the week.

Getting a sweet text message from Gus. That's right, the dog. It was the sweetest thing ever. I would post it here, but my phone is charging.

Low point:

Hearing THAT SCREECHING VOICE not only at a rest stop today, but also at the restaurant where we decided to eat dinner tonight. Out of all the places to eat in town, we had to choose the one where the beeyotch was eating.

Tomorrow is ONLY 51 miles. I think there are some killer hills, though.

Good night.

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Maggie said...

I tried to post this comment that was funny and clever about 14 times but blogger has eaten it. I give up.


be careful and have fun. Glad day one is successful and i hope day two of the hills goes well, too!

I'll be sending you happy thoughts and good energy!