Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Randomness.....

  • I survived the bike ride last week, but doing chores today nearly killed me.
  • I bought a book to read for my online book club (yes, Maggie, I'm actually READING this one!), and then I got a notice that a book I had on hold at the library had come in. I can't read two books at once!
  • I bought a Nintendo DS on the bike ride last week. Not as a gift....for myself.
  • I have been playing Mario, and it jumped from World 3 to World 5. I don't like things that don't go in order.
  • Our cat has developed the annoying habit of claiming one of our chairs every time one of us gets up. He weighs too much to shove off in the floor. I have to rattle a plastic grocery bag at him to get him out of the chair. He HATES that noise.
  • I have to go to a two-day meeting tomorrow and Friday.....out of town....for my online job.
  • I am presenting on Friday, and I have not created my presentation yet.
  • I have been working on the scrapbook for our family reunion for the past three days. I am so over doing captions. I figure at this point if you can't tell who is in each picture, you probably don't give a rip about the scrapbook anyway.
  • I need a separate bag just to carry the cords for all the gadgets I own.
  • I bought a Kindle because I thought I just had to have one, then I sold it because I wasn't crazy about it. I'm thinking about buying another one.
  • I was worried about being off during the summer after Hubby retired. But it has actually been pretty good so far. He's home just enough, on the golf course just enough.
  • It's a little over 10 weeks until college football starts.
  • When did Chipper Jones go from "the kid" to someone contemplating retirement? Where did the last 19 years go?
  • Should a 49-year-old take the poster of Chipper Jones off her wall?
  • Yesterday we interviewed 17 prospective students for our program next year. Some of them made me want to cry. Some of them just made me want to cry.
  • We have another 19 interviews scheduled for next Wednesday, and a day we have set aside in July is already filling up.
  • Teachers have to report back to school in July for pre-planning. That's just wrong.

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Maggie said...

This kills me because I didn't buy this months book; I'm on the wait list at the library. I tried to read it several times and have never finished it. This will be the month when everyone reads it but me- LOL!

Though library books take priority over bought at my house! (so many books, so little time!)