Monday, June 7, 2010

BRAG Day Two.....

Today may have been a record. We left camp right at 6:30, our standard starting time, but we got into camp at 11:45. We almost never get in that early. It was only 51 miles, but they were tough miles.

High Points:

Hitting 40 mph going down a hill on the tandem. I was just going to let us coast, but then I looked down and saw we were doing 39.9. Oh heck no, that can't happen. So I jumped on the pedals (requiring Katydid to jump also), and we went over 40.

Being at the lunch stop at 9:20.

Watching kids play on a slip-n-slide right outside our RV.

Seeing members of Team Ocissus Via (Roadkill) in their tuxedo cycling jerseys. I am going to try to get a picture this week of some of their decorated roadkill.

Having air conditioned shuttle buses to take us downtown and to restaurants. And to Wally World.

Getting my hair cut at Wally World. After a year of trying to grow it out, I said "screw it." I love it. Getting a haircut on BRAG is definitely a first.

Going downtown to listen to a band. We had roasted corn and Italian ice. This was after dinner, but we had that at 4:00, so it was time to eat again.

Low Points:

Hill #1.

Hill #2.

Hill #3.

Hill to infinity.

Six miles of shake-n-bake pavement. With hills.

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Maggie said...

You're my hero! Riding across the state of GA on a bike in the middle of summer with Hills and getting a haircut at wal-mart. I admire you. You're brave!

Keep up the awesome work and stay safe! and keep having a great time!