Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BRAG Day Three.........

We left again at 6:31 and arrived in camp around 1:30. Today was very much like yesterday, only 16 miles longer.

We had ham sandwiches immediately upon arriving in camp, then we went to find fuel for the motorhome. Since the generator runs off the fuel tank, I'm a little paranoid about letting it get too low. When we got back from the store we had chips and salsa and I had two beers. Then we went to dinner, where I had an awesome crab meat and shrimp pasta dish and two amaretto sours.

I wish I had realized at the beginning of the week that I could do this:

High Points:

Four miles of mostly downhill, where we hit a maximum of 42.9 mph. On a freakin' bicycle! This four miles led to the Flint River, and we stopped for a photo op. We also stopped because it was payback time.

Seeing these two chimneys AND making the decision to stop for a photo. I have mentioned before that I have a thing for old chimneys. Another rider came by while I was taking the picture, and I told her it was our great-grandparents' homestead. That sounded better than "I'm just retarded enough to take pictures of random chimneys."

Seeing this guy's bike tag. I laughed and laughed when he came around us because of the way he wrote his "hometown" on the tag. Then I had to sprint to catch up with him again so Katydid could see it. We finally caught up with him at a rest stop so I could take the picture.

Seeing this in front of a farm along the way. We probably would have stopped anyway, but it was a billion degrees and our **sitting down** parts were anxious for any excuse to get off the bike.

Low Points:

The worse-than-a-shake-n-bake road we were on for a couple of miles. It was riddled with potholes, loose gravel, and sand. Those are a cyclist's worst nightmare individually, much less all combined. It was slow going and dangerous in spots.

Missing the detour onto the bike path leading into Columbus. It isn't quite finished, so the markings weren't there. The bike path would have cut off 1.1 mile. 1.1 miles? How DO you say that? But we found the regular route and made it into camp, so it wasn't tragic. Not like the woman yesterday who missed a turn and started following the symbols for TODAY'S ride. She only rode 9 extra miles, and she has ridden her bike halfway across the country, so it couldn't have hurt her too much.

We are in the layover town, meaning we will spend two nights here. Tomorrow's rides are loop rides, so there are options for ride length. We aren't up to the century (actually 103 miles) in this heat, but we'll probably ride 55.

That sounds like a breeze, considering today's ride was 68.


Maggie said...

Awesome trip, so far! I'm having a great time living vicariously from the cheap seats here at home! G'luck ladies!

ElwoodK_Rank佳玲 said...

your english is incredible............................................................

Starry wonder said...

oh that is too funny that license plate! That's very cute of that guy! origional to say the least!