Saturday, June 5, 2010

BRAG Day Zero........

I try not to make my blog a "this is what I did today" diary-type thing, but this next week will have to be an exception. I will try valiantly not to bore you with the minutiae, but this will probably be nothing more than a day-by-day account of BRAG. It's the first complete BRAG I've done since I started my blog in '08, so at least you won't have heard it all before. Maybe.

Day Zero is in some ways harder than the rest of the week. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. Katydid and I help the BRAG folks work registration on Day Zero, and unlike SOME PEOPLE who shall remain anonymous but may or may not include a beeyotch with whom I used to work and only deign to work part of the day, Katydid and I stick it out for the whole noon-to-6:00 process. I started off handing out meal tickets, possibly the easiest job around, and Katydid handled people who had pre-registered but were too stupid to sign the waiver.

Then I moved over to handle route and private vehicle permits, not to be confused with parking permits for people who are leaving their cars at this school for the whole week. It's unusual this year that the ride is a loop, beginning and ending in the same place. Easier logistics for the most part, but some people don't like the loop format. They BY GOD want to ride ACROSS Georgia just like the name implies. Someone asked today why the numbers were down so much. I replied, "Some people don't like the loop ride. Some people don't have jobs."

The reason today is harder than the rest of the week is mainly that it involves dealing with people. People who don't follow directions, refuse to read their packet of information, want their t-shirts (or jerseys or route permits or meal tickets or any number of other conveniences) RIGHT NOW!! For the rest of the week, all we have to do is ride. Fifty-seven miles of physical activity in 90-degree heat is something I can do. Being nice to people who act stupid? Not so much.

We had a bad couple of hours last night about the RV. The generator cranked beautifully, but we had no electricity. No air conditioning. What we had was a big-ass tent that we didn't have to put up and take down. But Hubby and I had the same thought, and we got up this morning and figured out how to work the electricity. The air conditioner is running even as we speak, and it's time to go to dinner.

Life is good.


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Stupid people suck.

Enjoy your ride, and good luck and have fun! I'll be sending happy thoughts and positive energy your way!!!