Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 Things to Do on a Lazy Sunday......

Ten things to do on a lazy Sunday:

  1. Sleep in (until 7:20)
  2. Have eggwiches for breakfast
  3. Play a gazillion games of Mario on the Nintendo DS
  4. Finish the book for my online book club
  5. Play Bubbleshooter on the computer
  6. Entertain Weesa and Sullen Teenager (they came for Father's Day)
  7. Have chips and dip for lunch
  8. Watch the U.S. Open golf tournament and be glad Tiger did NOT win
  9. Watch the Braves beat the Tigers
  10. Have sandwiches for dinner

10 things NOT to do on a lazy Sunday:

  1. Laundry because you got it all done yesterday
  2. School work because you aren't teaching summer school
  3. A project for your online job because they STILL haven't come up with a contract and besides you have until mid-July to get it done
  4. Wear make-up
  5. Exercise
  6. Work on the family scrapbook because you are pretty much OVER anything having to do with SOME cousins in the family
  7. Clean up the "computer room"
  8. Gather clothes for goodwill
  9. Clean off the baker's rack and move cookbooks to it
  10. Anything requiring energy

1 comment:

Evil Pixie said...

Your Sunday is definitely my idea of how to spend a Sunday (though I slept in a bit longer than 7:20 a.m.).