Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Triple Tasking.....

I'm in an online meeting, and I'm one of four people responsible for tonight's presentation. Yet I'm typing this blog even as they speak. My part is done, so I've wandered away. I still have my headset on, though, so if someone calls my name, I can snap to attention with the click of a mouse. This is definitely a benefit of the online world.

I'm also grading assignments from my online students. I hate, hate, hate to go to bed at night with ANYTHING left in the dropbox. Lately, however, I have really struggled with staying motivated to keep up. But if I don't do SOMETHING, pretty soon it becomes overwhelming. The worst it ever got was when we went on a cruise. In spite of the fact that I spent $130 on internet access on the cruise ship (a substitute for the week would only have cost me $150 - go figure), I couldn't keep up. Not if I wanted to have any kind of vacation at all. When I got back from the cruise, not only did I have to return to my full-time job the next day, I had 98 ungraded assignments in the dropbox. I wanted to cry. Many students got credit for putting ANYTHING in the dropbox; it didn't really matter if they had analyzed the literature with any depth.

And every now and then, I pick up my crocheting. I'm almost finished with a baby blanket I'm making for a former student, and I want to get started on something for ME.

I guess I'm quadruple-tasking, since I'm also typing this blog post.

Corollary to Murphy's Law #491:

The day you wear dress shoes and a white cotton blouse (with pants, of course) that you had to IRON, the day you decide to straighten hair that was never meant to be straightened, this will be the day you discover that you have a flat tire. Guess where the spare tire is stored on an SUV?


Anonymous said...

Is this the point where I remind you NOT to teach online again?


Maggie said...

IF you were eating or drinking can you call it...lotstasking?