Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy......

I hate having time on my hands, which is why I read, crochet, and play mindless computer games. But there's a fine line between being BUSY and being SWAMPED.

Aside: I apologize here to my friends who are working on various degrees right now. You know who you are. I bow to you. Because the number of things I have to do is microscopic compared to yours.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm an almost obsessive planner. It's a good thing at times like right now, because otherwise I would be sitting in the corner waggling my fingers and chanting nonsense.

Our regularly scheduled department meeting for my online job is this Thursday, but we will be on the road to the casino, so I had to attend the alternate meeting, which was tonight at 7:30. That's when I usually have my own instructional online meeting, so I had to move it to 6:30. Then I found out this morning that some committee I'm on (an online committee -- can it get more absurd?) was meeting tonight at 5:00. So basically I've been sitting here with my headset on since I got home from school. And I still haven't finished watching all of last night's episode of DWTS.

I guess it could be worse. During an online meeting I can eat, crochet, and roll my eyes. I can also make sarcastic remarks about the people who are speaking aloud. One of these days, I'm going to be like that guy on the ... is it an airline commercial? ... who is making faces at his boss, forgetting they're in the same room.

Tomorrow night I have to find time to do laundry and pack for our weekend trip. And prepare dinner. And do an online presentation for a group of my online colleagues.

I'd like to be just a little less busy, please.

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Anonymous said...

play a slot machine for me, will ya?