Friday, October 9, 2009

Life's Questions.......

Why are my knees so much older than the rest of my body?

Why do I continue to chew gum long after my jaws have begun to ache?

Why do I chew gum at all, considering I look like a cow chewing its cud when I do so?

What is a cud?

Why won't big hair come back in style? I can DO big hair.

Why doesn't sunscreen keep my face from getting sunburned, especially in October?

Why did it have to get to 95 degrees today, or whatever the temp was down here?

Why do we do bicycle rides south of the gnat line?

Why do I bring crocheting and TWO books on a bicycling weekend?

Why don't men understand that "Call me when you hear something" really means "Call me whether you hear anything or not, because hearing from you is better than not hearing from you" when someone has gone to the hospital?

Why do things like someone going to the hospital tend to happen when I'm out of town and three hours from home?

Why is putting air in bicycle tires such a CHORE?

How can it feel so satisfying NOT to be joining a group of people for dinner?

How early is too early to go to bed after a 52-mile bicycle ride?


AmandaSue : ] said...

cud is food that cows throw up and eat again. annnnnd big hair is big in the scene/emo girl crowd so just become one of them and you'll be allllllright!

Maggie said...

I so want big hair. and I mean BIG, as in Texas pageant girl big hair.

And sleep anytime you want after a ride like that!