Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's All About the Boxes.....

I recently ordered some items from one of those catalogs that is full of kitchen, cooking, decorating stuff. The kind of things I usually avoid like the plague. I was feeling all home-ecky that day, however, and I ordered some things I thought I could use during the holidays. I don't know whom I thought I was going to use them FOR, since we do ZERO entertaining. Ever.

When my co-worker brought me my items today, I discovered why this stuff is so expensive.

They spend all their money on boxes and packaging.

First there was one gigantic box. It barely fit in the backseat of my car. An SUV.

Each item had its own individual box, carefully taped up. With a cardboard layer (or two) of padding inside. All nested and slotted and tabbed and fitting together.

Out of their boxes, these items don't even fill up my sink.

I bought:

A serving bowl with 4 smaller bowls.
A crystal platter that can be decorated with pretty ribbon.
A Christmas appetizer tray.

That's it. I shook the big box and shook it, certain that the money I had spent would render more than THAT.

I'm going to look again. There's got to be something else in that huge box.


Maggie said...

Maybe there's a nice single man for you to introduce me to at a holiday party at your house? hell, a girl can hope, right?

AmandaSue : ] said...

i'll second that! but lets change it to young man =]

Maggie said...

and I just thought of this... (My ADD works in mysterious ways) the only time the actual box itself matters, in my opinion, is when it comes in Tiffany Blue... I've never had one, but I still think it.