Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am shamelessly stealing this topic from my blogger friend Lakeland Jo, but I'm changing the subjects somewhat.

The idea is that I will share with you my opinion on some rather random subjects. In your comments, please indicate your opinions on the same subjects.

College Football - Live on it. Live FOR it. Nurse Jane says I could see two ants crawling across the floor, and I would pick one to pull for. I love the emotion and the competition.

Professional Football - Not as addicted to it as I used to be. Sometimes the athletes just look like they're out there doing a job. Yes, I know that's what it is.

Purses - Sometimes necessary, but I usually abhor them. I'll cram everything I can into my pockets (if I have them) just to avoid taking a purse somewhere. I usually have ONE purse, and when it falls apart I will reluctantly buy another. My current purse has a strap that splits into two so I can wear it like a backpack when I ride the motorcycle.

NASCAR - Pretty pointless, if you ask me. I'll watch the last lap and pull for whoever Hubby has in the pool that week. But if I had to choose between a colonoscopy and attending a NASCAR race live.......

Christmas - Not the same since Sweet Girl moved away. She didn't come home last Christmas, and she probably won't this year either. Hubby and I have enough stuff, so we have stopped buying each other gifts. Last year we left on Christmas Day and went to the casino for two nights. That was our gift to each other. I hate all the hype and the materialism and the fact that a lot of people can never have enough.

Cars - Not a passion of mine. I bought my last vehicle (SUV) for the simple reason that it was large enough to put my bicycle inside and keep it out of the weather. Cars are just to get me where I need to go. They don't have to be flashy, and I don't ooooh and aaaaaah over other people's cars. If I won the lottery, however, I would probably buy a convertible BMW.

Make Up - A necessary evil, but i'd rather not have to deal with it. My friend Amanda said years ago that women don't wear make-up for men; they wear it for other women. I'm convinced she's right. Men don't really care if we wear make-up or not (in fact, most of them can't tell the difference), but women notice if other women aren't fully made up.

Sushi - Never tried it. Will not consider it a great loss if I never do.

Cruises - Best vacation money we've ever spent. Aside from my $300 pedicure, of course.

Camping - I've had some great times camping, sleeping in a tent, cooking on a fire, the whole nine yards. Now that we've bought a motorhome, however, I'm looking forward to a new definition of camping. "Roughing it" from now on may be an RV park without wireless internet service.

Soap Operas - Right up there with NASCAR.

High Heels - Must have been invented by a man.

Reality TV - The only reality television show I've watched is Dancing with the Stars, and I'm hooked on it. But as for the others, I've never seen any of them.

Your turn - what are your opinions?

Come on, don't disappoint me!


AmandaSue : ] said...

I did this on my blog. which i'ma start doing again =]

Maggie said...

Okay, I know I'm behind, but here I go:

College Football - not a huge fan and can live without it but I do cheer for Notre Dame.

Professional Football -OMG- Love love love the NFL to the point where I used to buy DISH Networks Sunday ticket package!

Purses- since I don't really NEED to elaborate here, I'll say YES, LOVE THEM!

NASCAR: ick. rednecks. beer. drive in a circle. yuck. boring.

Christmas- my favorite holiday ever!

Cars- gets me where I need to go. I would love an SUV--- someday!

Make Up- I don't usually wear it other than just lipstick.

Sushi- I've tried it a few times and I just do NOT like it. (And I secretly believe people who say they like it are lying!)

Cruises- dying to go on one!

Camping - I hate camping. 'Nuff said.

Soap Operas- uh, no.

High Heels- love them and own over 100 pairs!

Reality TV - not a fan and watch none. (I often see the last few minutes of "Amazing Race" while waiting for "Cold Case" and it seems ok)