Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 Reasons I'm Not Feeling Perky Right Now....

#10 - The Falcons lost today. And they looked awful doing it. Was the team that was on the field for their first drive the same folks on the field the rest of the day?

#9 - The weather is turning colder. I don't DO cold.

#8 - I didn't exercise today.

#7 - My knee hurts where I fell off my bike yesterday. In the parking lot. Barely moving. I couldn't get my suicide cleat unclipped from my right pedal fast enough. Looked extremely graceful falling to the pavement, I'm sure.

#6 - I've gone from a crochet project that called for a ginormous hook to making some Christmas ornaments with thread whose patterns call for a very tiny one. I'm squinting a lot.

#5 - I have a slight headache. Probably related to #6. And #1.

#4 - Georgia plays Florida in football next Saturday. I'm already dreading the embarrassment. We could win..... but we probably won't.

#3 - Back to school tomorrow. Starting off the day with a performance review for a student who just will. Not. Follow. The. Rules.

#2 - I promised 10 reasons and I'm only coming up with 9.

#1 - I'm sleep-deprived. Hubby woke me up this morning to make the 6-hour drive home. When I looked at the clock, it said 4:07. (Usually that's a lucky number for me, since it's my birthday. Not so much this morning.) I said to him, "That's too early!" His response, "But it's 5:07 Georgia time." But I went to bed on Mississippi time!

Things are bound to improve tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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