Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Really Not That Hard....

I don't enjoy housework of any kind, but as I've noted before, I generally do the bare minimum to keep the health officials from condemning our house. I keep the dishes washed, I make up the bed every morning, and I try to control the clutter. One chore that I find particularly distasteful is laundry.

We seem to go through a lot of clothes for just two people. And I can't pinpoint why exactly. We use the same towels all week, since we ARE clean when we get out of the shower. I generally change out of my school clothes into sweats (or shorts) and a t-shirt when I get home from school, but I wear the same sweats all week. I'll wear them until bedtime, and it's not like they have a chance to get dirty.

Hubby wears uniforms to work, and if he has a short day and doesn't get his shirt dirty, he may wear it again the next day. He's considerate like that.

So I can't figure out why #1) we accumulate so much laundry; and #2) why I find it such an odious task.

It isn't time consuming. I can legitimately put a load of laundry in the washer and sit down to crochet, telling myself, "Well at least I'm getting the laundry done."

Approximately 45 minutes later I go downstairs to the basement and transfer the clothes into the dryer. That gives me another hour in which to kill time or grade assignments or watch television, all the while getting the laundry done.

It's not like I have to take the clothes down to the river and beat them on a rock or something.

Or heat a huge cauldron of water so I can stir them with a stick.

And don't even ask me why I will let a load of clothes sit in the dryer for two days. I'm getting better, but it's a terrible habit. They get all wrinkled, of course, and if there's one thing I hate more than laundry, it's IRONING. It's not like I forget they are down there, because there is this squeaky voice I can hear even in my sleep saying, "Hey! You forgot us down here!" It's the unfolded pieces of clothing.

Why do I put that off? Folding a load of laundry takes approximately 5 minutes. Our socks always come out in even numbers, so I do not have a good excuse for avoiding the act of folding laundry.

It's strange, though, that it has become such a habit that even when I HAVE folded the clothes and put them away, sometimes I hear that same squeaky voice telling me I didn't. One day I went all the way downstairs to get some clothes out of the dryer, and they weren't even in there. I had already folded them.

Good Lord. I'm even hearing voices in the laundry now.


Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

You make the bed EVERY morning? wow.

And voices from the laundry aren't really that bad. Can you ask the laundry why chocolate stains never comes out? Or is that a question which should be directed to the detergent?

Anonymous said...

the only part of laundry I like is matching socks. I find it weirdly therapeutic.

Julie said...

I like ironing, as long as we aren't talking about Sisyphean mountains of it. One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Mom doing the ironing. She had a little sprinkler bottle that looked like a ketchup bottle with a watering can spout for a lid. Sometimes she would sing while she ironed, and that warm steamy iron smell used to remind me of her.

Since I've had the opportunity to watch J doing his morning ironing in his boxers, that earlier childhood association has been crowded out! Oooh la la!