Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Can Never Have Too Much Heat.....

Hubby is headed for retirement, and I'm headed for menopause.

It might turn out to be a bad combination.

He bought a new room heater today to heat the downstairs. Because the wood burning stove that he obsessively keeps filled with wood probably won't be enough for wintertime here in the Deep South.

That bad boy (the heater, that is) has been going full blast since I got home from school.

It's 72 degrees OUTSIDE.

And about a hundred INSIDE.

I guess the good news is I won't KNOW when I'm having a hot flash.

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Julie said...

You'll be glad for the heater after the hot flash passes and you get cold from being wet all over. Does it sound as though I speak from experience? Oh yeah! I've been in surgical menopause and on hrt's since 2000.