Wednesday, October 7, 2009

By the Numbers.....

50: Number of students who inquired about working on their online curriculum this week, in spite of the fact that we are on Fall Break.

5: Number of students who have actually worked so far.

4: Increase in number of students working over the number I expected to do so.

300: Number of dollars worth of stuff (mostly for the motorhome) we bought today.

200: Number of dollars we actually had to pay due to a 30% off coupon at our favorite department store.

600: Number of dollars I would likely have spent had Hubby not been with me.

1: Number of former NCAA champion gymnasts I saw in the department store with her new baby.

22: Number of online assignments waiting to be graded for my part-time job. Not too bad, considering the fact that I was gone all day today and my motivation is nonexistent.

12: Number of days late my September check was for the part-time online job when I received it today.

5: Number of apologies we've received that we weren't being paid.

3: Number of contract addendum packages I received and returned ON TIME for the part-time online job.

0: Explanations received for why we got contract addendums.

40: Number of rows I've crocheted on my latest baby afghan.

82: Number of rows I have yet to crochet.

73: Number of times I've regretted starting this baby afghan.

4: Days left in my Fall Break.

2: Number of chores I've accomplished on Fall Break.

494: School days left until retirement.

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