Monday, October 26, 2009

An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery.......

I may never fully understand Hubby. I realize that his being male, while a particular feature of his that I appreciate, may preclude my ever really knowing him.

I was preparing dinner when I heard Gus barking furiously and heard Hubby conversing with someone outside the front door. I thought it was our neighbor across the street, so I didn't pay much attention.

Then Hubby came in and said, "Would you like to buy some frozen steaks and chicken?"

Not even a moment's thought or hesitation.


I didn't give him my reasons, which include:

  • I don't trust people who have to sell meat door-to-door from a pickup truck. So what if it had a nice logo on the side, it's still a pickup truck. Not even a refrigerated van.
  • Having a seemingly endless supply of meat on hand prevents me from being able to say on any given night, "We'll have to order a pizza. There's nothing to cook."
  • That's what grocery stores are for.
He came back in pretty quickly, and I said, "Did you send him on his way?"

No. Oh no. Hubby proceeded to write a check for $160 for a variety of sirloin steaks, ribeye steaks, strip steaks, t-bone steaks, and hamburger patties. My preference for dinner meat is chicken. Guess how much of that he bought?

Zero. None.

It really is a good bargain, and the meat is guaranteed for up to a year (!) from freezer burn. And we did actually have room for it all, since I don't keep much food on hand just in case I might be expected to cook it.

I cook a maximum of five nights a week (less if I can get away with it), and dinner one of those is usually a pizza. Frozen or delivery. So this quantity of meat that we just purchased may outlast its guarantee.

About a month ago, one of the grocery stores on Hubby's route had a deal on window cleaner where the cleaner wound up being like a quarter a bottle. Or fifty cents or something like that. So he bought some window cleaner. A case of it. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?


Maggie said...

I'd like ribeyes for Christmas rather than the window cleaner... ;)

Julie said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Me three!! and a bottle of windex!