Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a Waste....

What a waste of a beautiful spring weekend.

At the risk of using this space to complain and whine AGAIN (and I almost didn't blog tonight at all for fear of boring you to tears), I have spent these two gorgeous days alternating between drug-induced sleep and holding a hot washcloth to my face. (I think I have burned some skin off my face in so doing; if so I hope it weighed ten or twenty pounds.)

In a rare response to pain, I have barely eaten enough to stay alive this weekend. Even that is not a wish for the continuance of this situation, however. When I step on the scales tomorrow morning, I fully expect to have gained several pounds. Because that's the way my weight-loss efforts seem to trend lately.

This time tomorrow the problem will have been fixed, and I can return to my standard sarcasm and cynicism. Right now I can't even manage those. My apologies.

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DJan said...

I know exactly the pain you are having. I never thought I would be yearning for a root canal, but I was, when it finally happened. I suspected this might be the end result of your tooth pain, but I'm truly sorry to hear it.

The good part is that it will be over soon. I'll be looking forward to hearing about that part. You aren't boring, you are actually bearing up quite admirably, I think.