Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grammar Police Alert......

A certain unnamed head coach of an unnamed college gymnastics team holds a weekly online chat in which the truly obsessed devoted lifeless fans can participate.

(Hey, it's better than two OTHER unnamed head coaches of two unnamed college gymnastics teams that hold weekly press conferences.)

I was provided the following quote (**ahem ahem**) by someone who follows the weekly online chats. And I grimaced.

We've been managing multiple herniated discs with _____ since her arrival here. It is exasperated in the pike position, thus we don't train very many double pikes on floor or toe-on positions on bars. This particular meet, she began to have a little bit of tingling in her leg, so we shut it down on floor and put _____ back in. 

In his defense, he may not be the person typing in the responses. He may have actually used the correct word, and the cute little graduate assistant helping with the online chats (I base that judgment solely on the fact that her name is "Kate") may not have been familiar with the word "exacerbated." Or, like many students in my career, she may have confused the word with something that's not supposed to be discussed in an academic setting, and she may have giggled. And then typed something she DID know.

Yeah, let's go with that.

When I read this line, however, I briefly let my imagination run wild. I pictured her injured discs rolling their eyes and heaving a heavy **sigh** every time the gymnast in question does a skill in the pike position.

Personally, attempting to assume the pike position would exasperate me too.

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DJan said...

Your rendition of what those poor herniated disks were actually doing is probably accurate! :-)