Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Timing is Everything - Part 94173.....

This story would mean a lot more if it were told by our front office secretary. But I'll do my best to relate the events as she told them to me.

Two guys came into the front office today.

Guy #1 - "Is there someone here, one of your teachers, who rides a bike and leaves from here sometimes?"

Secretary - "Yes sir."

Guy #1 - "I wonder if he would like a riding partner."

Secretary - "I don't know. But SHE does ride from here in the afternoons."

Guy #1 - "Here's my business card. Give it to him and ask him to give me a call if he'd like someone to ride with sometime."

Secretary - "Okay. I'll give it to HER."

Guy #1 leaves the office, and the secretary turns to Guy #2.

Secretary - "May I help you?"

Guy #2 - "Yeah, can you give this to [Bragger]?" as he hands her my phone charger.

Yep, it was Hubby.

Now hear me when I say that Hubby has been in our building, counting today, a grand total of TWO times. Normally I keep a phone charger in my school bag, and normally I wouldn't have been concerned that my phone went completely dead. But for some bone-headed reason I took my spare charger home with me, and I don't like being without a cell phone when I'm riding my bike home. I CAN change a flat tire, but honestly it's just quicker to call someone to come get me. Since Hubby plays golf very near our school, I asked him to drop the phone charger by on his way.

What are the odds?

I mean, first of all what are the odds that some random guy goes into a SCHOOL and asks about someone he has seen maybe ONCE leaving the school on a bike? He couldn't have seen me too many times, if he thought I was a MAN. (I'm not quite through being pissed off about that, either.)

And what are the odds that he would appear at the SAME EXACT TIME as Hubby on his second visit to our school EVER?

While you're busy calculating those odds, I'll give you an easy one.

What are the odds that, standing three feet away, Hubby will MISS THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION?

I'm glad he's on his toes, just in case this dude turns out to be a stalker or something. I'm just sayin'...

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