Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planning Ahead...Way Ahead.....

Having written in yesterday's blog post about being spontaneous (I only recognized the irony of it after I had published it - it isn't really spontaneous when I text Hubby in advance, plan the route on the computer, and upload the route into my phone), today I'm writing about my penchant for planning ahead. Some may even consider it obsessing ahead.

I did the following things at school today. Rest assured that I still did my job, resetting tests, checking online homework, and reminding students just how few school days are left in the year.

  • Printed out a map of the trailhead where Katydid and I are planning to ride on the Silver Comet Trail this Saturday. Printed out Google directions of how to get there from my house. (This one makes the most sense, since it's only 3 days away.)
  • Ordered tickets for the gymnastics regional championships in Auburn next weekend. Googled directions and printed them out. Determined that Katydid and I can leave my house at 2:00 PM and still get there the requisite two hours before the meet starts.
  • Registered for a bike ride on the same morning as the gymnastics championships that are a three-hour drive from my house. (Not terribly crazy either, since registration goes up $10 after this Friday.) Emailed Rozmo and Katydid about said bike ride.
  • Registered for BRAG, which starts June 2nd. Also Googled directions from my house and printed those out. Figured out exactly how early Katydid and I will need to leave in order to get there, get set up, and be available to work at BRAG headquarters.
  • Googled and printed directions from the next-to-last-day of BRAG to the site of our family reunion (Nash Bash), which starts on June 8th. Figured up how much mileage I will be losing by not riding the last day of BRAG (40 miles). 
  • Started obsessing about the logistics of riding in BRAG, meeting Katydid at the next-to-last town, and taking two dogs, two bicycles, clean clothes, and something for the potluck lunch on Saturday at Nash Bash. Stopped short of writing out the steps.
  • Created two bicycling maps for a trip to Mississippi that Hubby and I are taking at the end of April, knowing full well that no matter how big the road looks on the computer, the route will wind up having some dirt roads on it and I will be forced to ride miles and miles out of the way to avoid dirt roads.
  • Tried to figure out how to ride in the Spring Tune-Up ride AND attend the NCAA Gymnastics Championships about an hour away from the ride location. A logistical nightmare even if I DID know: A) that our team was going to qualify (please please please please please); and B) which session our team might be in if they DO qualify.
I'll stop there for now. The next thing I need to figure out is what to tell the little men in white coats who are standing on my front porch. They have the cutest little jacket for me to put on.


The girl said...

Why are you printing out directions when you have a perfectly good GPS? Color me confused /:)

Evil Pixie said...

I'm definitely a planner. If I don't plan, I stress. However, I find that once I'm in the moment - I become spontaneous. For example, we're planning a big trip too. However, once I get the little details out of the way such as where we'll stay, what we'll see, etc., I know that once we get to the different locations - I'll be doing and seeing far more than I had planned. That I'm open to whatever happens. I know... A paradox. An annoying paradox. ;)