Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chivalry Might Not Be Dead, But It's Really Sick....

Disclaimer: He's still the world's last perfect man, but he sometimes has an "off" day.

Ever since I gave up beer and chocolate (damn it), the highlight of my lunch break every day has been sugar-free chocolate pudding. (I mean, I gave up the REAL chocolate stuff.) It tastes very good, it's chocolatey, it only has 60 calories, and I feel like I'm getting dessert. Sort of. I don't even experiment with other flavors; I buy the double chocolate every week.

I got the following text from Hubby today at 10:19 AM:

"U ain't got no pudding"

I texted back:

"What did I do, leave it on the counter? Crap!"

Sweet man, he KNOWS it's the highlight of my lunch break. He knows I hurry through my whole-wheat pasta salad, my rabbit-food tossed salad, or my turkey sandwich on a paper-thin wheat sandwich thingie just so I can get to the good stuff, the sugar-free pudding. He knows this. And he's retired and generous and considerate and plays golf only a couple of miles from my school.

That's why I naturally expected the next text message to read:

"Want me bring it 2 u?"



I'm still waiting for it.

Guess who got a bologna sandwich for his dinner?