Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Four-Day Weekend....

I don't have words to describe sufficiently the joy associated with a 4-day weekend. This is another of those weather make-up situations that our school board put in place after we missed an eternity in school due to ice/snow last year, and then we had to scramble to make up the time. Said scramble included requiring teachers to come in on a SATURDAY, so this year's plan is much better. Plus, we didn't have any snow this year after all, so the weather make-up days become holidays. (In all truthfulness, they become "furlough days," but I'd rather not focus on the fact that today is being deducted from my paycheck. We're almost used to it now.)

[If the Goddess of Irony is paying any attention, she will wait until after Monday, then sock us with a big snowstorm after we've used all the potential weather make-up days.]

My weekend plans call for donating blood this morning; traveling to almost-South Georgia with Rozmo this afternoon for a bike ride tomorrow; LISTENING to a gymnastics meet online tonight (puh-lease, that's desperate) because it's in Michigan and not at their usual venue, thus no video; riding in aforementioned bicycle ride tomorrow (with a century option, but we probably won't take "advantage" of that option); back home tomorrow night in time to listen to Hubby say "it don't matter" in regards to where we should eat dinner, because cooking on a Saturday night is not in my plans - EVER; the final home gymnastics meet of the season on Sunday; and I have blissfully left Monday open so I can do whatever I want to. Or nothing.

Happy weekend, however many days you get!

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