Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday.....

I can change the rules if I want to, right?

I decided to have Flashback Friday today instead of Favorite Things Friday.

I was trying (mostly in vain) to tuck my tank top into my jeans today, and I flashed back to the 70's when we wore something I called bodysuits but may have had another name.

I wanted to put an image of one here, but most of the graphics I found were ... graphic. Definitely R-rated.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, these garments were like t-shirts (or blouses, in some cases), only they were SORT OF like leotards, but they had snaps at the crotch.

I had one that resembled a white blouse, and I wore it under some kind of uniform, either cheerleading or drill team. I think it was actually one of those things I "borrowed" from my friend Carol and never returned. It was perfect for whichever activity I was participating in, since it couldn't come untucked and stayed put. It was a glossy sort of fabric and buttoned up, with a collar and everything. It looked exactly like one of those shiny blouses we wore in the 70's (come on, admit it, you did too), but it had a crotch. Picture a grown-up onesie.

Granted, they were sort of a pain when it was time to go to the bathroom, but that was a relatively minor inconvenience. It couldn't be worse than trying to tuck a recalcitrant tank top into jeans, or worse, tucking a shirt into one's panties so it didn't come untucked when the pants were pulled up. (Sorry for those mental images.)

Not to be defeated, I searched again for an appropriate image. The ones I'm thinking of were kind of like this:

Not at all like this:

Or this:

Happy weekend!

P.S. Warm thoughts for our beloved Gym Dogs tomorrow starting at 4:00 EDT, if you have time. We can use all the mojo we can get. And if your mojo trends toward causing two certain OTHER TEAMS to fall off any random apparatus... well, you gotta do what you gotta do.


DJan said...

I had one or two like the green number. I remember having to snap and resnap those crotches. Why don't they make them any more? They were brilliant! :-)

Kelly said...

I wore my share of bodysuits, too. Seems like I had one or two without snaps. (maybe just leotards?) I can remember my mother had no trouble doing the "pull it over to the side" number when nature called. I was never that talented.