Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some Rides are Like That...

You will happy (perhaps) to learn that today's blog topic is NOT about:

  • College gymnastics
  • Hubby (except in a cameo appearance)
  • My tooth (no, that saga is NOT over)
  • Weight loss (mostly back on the wagon)
  • School crap
Because the very title of my blog comes from a cycling event, though, I feel it's okay if I -- nay, I even consider myself obligated to -- write about cycling.

Today's ride home should NOT have been noteworthy. Temperatures were expected to be in the 80's again today, and there was only a 10% chance of rain. I'll bet you can already tell where THIS is going.

I can't blame anyone but myself, though. When I looked at the skies upon leaving school, it looked like our county was divided clearly along a line of ominous-looking thunderclouds. Home appeared to be in the sunny part.

I didn't want to do my standard route home, and I left myself several options that I could choose when I got to them. Sometimes it depends on traffic; sometimes it just depends on my mood when I get there. I got to one decision point today, with clear blue skies to the left and the storm clouds to the right. Oddly enough, I could turn in either direction and get home with nearly the same mileage. Going to the left meant I would have to travel on a busy state highway for a mile, and I would also have to go by the landfill where I had a sort-of-confrontation with a trash truck driver one afternoon. I don't know why, but some days that is the lesser of two evils, and some days it's just plain evil. To the right meant I would have to go through "town" (such as it is), with an additional couple of miles but not much traffic after I got out of town. Did I mention the storm clouds were over the route to the right?

I was right beside the high school (although we now have two high schools...three if you count the program in our building, which is so new that few people DO count it...people still refer to the original one as "THE" high school and the newer one by its name) when the first raindrops fell. It wasn't so bad. In fact, it felt pretty good. Being in the 80's and all.

Then the bottom really fell out. I stopped to put my new (very bright) headlight and taillight on, because visibility was becoming an issue. It was raining so hard (and thundering) that I didn't hear the text message from Hubby offering to come rescue me. I'm surprised he even did THAT, since when I got home the PAVEMENT WAS COMPLETELY DRY.

I believe that little thundercloud followed me home. To keep me from being lonely or something.

Or something.

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