Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Thoughts.....

It's been a while since I threw a "Random Thoughts" blog entry out there at you, so tonight's the night. Besides, I don't think I can sustain a coherent topic for more than a paragraph or two. I'm not that tired, it's just that I can't corral my thoughts.

  • Family Guy is one of the most obnoxious television shows I have ever seen, but it has some funny lines.
  • I just saw the animated characters on Family Guy drinking animated glasses of animated wine, and I felt compelled to go pour myself a glass of wine. If they had been having a seven-course meal featuring stuffed pheasant, would I have had the same reaction? Probably not.
  • I participated in my third 5K race today. I walked almost all of it, and my time was only about 3 minutes slower than the one where I nearly killed myself keeping up with a 28-year-old co-worker with long legs. I only ran enough to make some of my muscles sore. Like my upper back. What's up with THAT? I came in 10th in my age group. I don't want to know how many women there were in my age group.
  • Our college gymnastics team kicked BUTT this weekend, had a huge score, and will move DOWN in the rankings when they come out tomorrow. It is the weirdest scoring system I have ever seen. Rankings don't matter, but of course they DO.
  • After attending home gymnastics meets for six years in a row (I think), we FINALLY managed to score one of the beanie Dawgs the gymnasts throw out at the beginning of every meet. Frogger Blogger snagged it and gave it to Katydid. And it was signed by a gymnast named Kati, so that seemed appropriate. One could purchase a large-scale replica of the beanie Dawg at the souvenir stand, if one weren't astounded into shock by the $595 price tag. 
  • Hubby just finished reading a book he says was very good, but he has to take it back to the library in a few days. I just started reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and I can't read two books at one time. I could ask him to renew the library book, but I feel guilty that it will just be sitting here waiting for me to finish mine. What a dilemma.
  • Speaking of feeling guilty, I STILL didn't go to the grocery store today. On the way home from the 5K (it was in the town where Katydid lives; I was on a team of employees from her job), I stopped at a restaurant near us and bought some of Hubby's favorite potato soup. They also have the most amazing poppy seed rolls, which they serve with wonderful cinnamon butter. Wasn't that a sneaky thing to do?
  • We have another four-day week this week, followed by a four-day week next week. It almost makes me think I could forget about retiring. Not.
  • Hubby found a nice Seiko watch in the parking lot of Wally World a couple of weeks ago. It's a little big for me, but I could take a link out of it. I figure I should at least put a notice somewhere that it was found, but WHERE? It's not like our local newspaper would be very useful. They're too busy printing ludicrous stories about people being arrested and posting teachers' salaries.
  • We have listened to the THUMP-THUMP-THUMP of our neighbors' music for the last two nights. Hubby is steadfastly against my calling the authorities because he thinks the thugs would pay us back by burning down our house. That makes me almost as ticked off at Hubby as I am at the neighbors. I wish his brother-in-law were still the sheriff, but NO, he had to go and retire. So far tonight it's quiet over there.Wine and ear plugs will help.
  • My godson's college baseball team is playing my alma mater at a neutral field this Tuesday night, and we are planning to go. But which team will I root for? Another dilemma.
  • After several days of temperatures in the 70's, Hubby was forced to build a fire tonight. It isn't supposed to get extremely cold, but the wind has been brutal all day. (I know, I know, "in like a lion...") It's supposed to get back up to 71 by Thursday, though. I sincerely hope "winter" (such as it was) is over. But every time I think that, we have a freak snowstorm in March. Or April.
  • I did some work on the crochet project today, but I'm still not finished. I've got plenty of time, but I'm giving myself a deadline of next Sunday at noon to have it finished. There. 
Have a great start to another week!

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Kelly said...

My son use to watch Family Guy and there are some really funny moments in that show. Have you seen the episode that makes the reference to Old Yeller?