Thursday, January 12, 2012

Special People.....

Every now and then I like to write about people who are special in my life. I have to walk a thin line, though, not wanting to violate someone's privacy even while expressing my love/admiration/respect for him or her.

This week's contestants are the precious couple pictured below.

Looking at this picture is the first time I've realized how much she looks like her mother.

Get over it, kid, we're ALL destined to look like our mothers.

They really ARE fun people, but they don't like to show it in photographs. Here's another one from a family reunion a couple of years ago.

They really WERE happy to be there, and don't let them try to convince you otherwise.

This is my niece and her boyfriend husband. It's so hard for me to realize they are married. I don't know why, since they are certainly of legal marrying age (barely) and I was THERE when they exchanged vows.

They were the precious folks who planned an outdoor wedding in August, thereby single-handedly ending the drought that had gripped Georgia for the past couple of decades. I took pictures at their wedding, and there were very few decent ones. The majority of them were marred by a lens that fogged over every time we went outside to take pictures. And the inside of the church wasn't psychologically ready for the wedding to be moved inside. I still feel awful about the quality of the pictures. There was another (supposed) photographer there, but apparently she wasn't all that.

These are two incredibly smart human beings. Their future children are destined to be geniuses (geniusi?). While they both spent a very short time at my alma mater (endearing them to me forever), they both subsequently transferred to a DIFFERENT university that has the name Georgia in it, but unfortunately ends with Tech. Having endeared themselves to me forever already, though, I couldn't hold it against them. I think he's majoring in (and I know I'm going to get this wrong, sweet niece, so don't hesitate to correct me) something with the words "bio" and "medical" and "physics" all contained in the name. I think she's majoring in ... majoring.

They are both witty, probably the quality I most admire in people, because it implies not only intelligence but also a sense of humor. They like to make fun of the same people I do, for the same reasons. They probably make fun of ME when I'm not there, but I would prefer to remain blissfully ignorant.

And while we're talking about special people...

You should see the little guy on the other end of these feet.

(Forgive me...I have a thing for baby feet.)

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