Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Picture of Hubby.....

I have many pictures of Hubby through the years, naturally. What I don't have is many pictures of me, which may not be a bad thing. When my screen saver starts scrolling through my pictures and I occasionally see one of myself, I look at two things: #1 - my weight; and #2 - my hair. The hair fluctuates almost as much as the weight. And I usually see pictures of my hair and think, "What in the hell was I THINKING?"

But I digress.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hubby.

I took this photo several years ago, right after I got what I call my "big dog" camera. I took it from what I thought was a cool angle, and I like the look on his face. A better photographer would have arranged it so that the shadow didn't cover his face, but whatever. Naturally he's smiling because A) he's got a beer in one hand (that you can't see); and B) he's got a golf club in the other hand. Life is good.

I have some video taken on this same trip of a one-legged man playing golf. He was riding in the cart with Hubby, and he didn't mind at all when I wanted to take some video. I'll upload that on another day.

Happy weekend!


DJan said...

It is a nice picture. I like thinking about that beer... I do the same thing in pictures of me: what did I weigh and what was I wearing? Maybe all women of a certain age do the same thing... :-)

Kelly said...

I think it's a good picture - he looks quite happy!

I hate seeing photos of myself. I always look so fat.