Monday, January 23, 2012

More Pettiness.....

I promise this blog post isn't written with as much grumpiness as it will sound like. It's more a case of, "Hmmm...Didn't see THAT one coming." I really don't just sit around and think of things to complain about. Really. I don't.


And this isn't a gymnastics post per se, although gymnastics will be mentioned tangentially.

Isn't that a cool word, "tangentially"? Makes me feel smart. Unless I'm not using it correctly, in which case I feel dumb.

When we go into the Coliseum for home gymnastics meets, we go from the training facility (where the hospitality room is located) through a corridor into the Coliseum. We don't enter from the outside like the common people people who don't contribute like a gazillion dollars to the university every year.

Katydid and I had an extra ticket at the first meet, because Frogger Blogger couldn't be there, and I asked the lady who scans our tickets what I could do with it. Not many people wander by there needing an extra ticket. She said I could give it to one of the "common people" ticket takers at the outside doors (those are my words, not hers, because she was clearly a lot nicer than I am), because sometimes people arrive with babies and don't realize the infants also need their own tickets.

So I approached a man at the door and gave him the extra ticket, saying, "Here is a baby ticket if you need it. But don't put it next to me!" He laughed and thanked me, and we went on about our business.

Imagine my surprise when a little while later the "baby" showed up at our seats in the person of a teenager and said we were sitting in HER seat. I argued with her at first, until she showed me her (my) ticket stub. She had a friend with her who could NOT have had a seat in that section because it's full of season ticket holders, and I was SO HOPING the folks to our left (the one who has serious iPad envy when I keep up with scores during the meet) would show up and kick them out of THEIR seats. But no, they picked that meet to stay home and allowed the little twit and her little twit friend to occupy seats they didn't deserve.


I realize that I gave up all rights to the ticket when I relinquished it. I didn't have the man sign a contract stating that he would ONLY give it to a family who needed it for a baby and he would ONLY put them in a dark corner far, far away from my seat location.

The meet wasn't a sell-out, so it's not like she was desperate for a way to get in. She just batted her little eyes and got a free ticket. And she isn't a baby.

I'm not angry or bitter, and I didn't memorize her features so I could hunt her down and instruct her in the error of her ways. I didn't even consider going to the man at the door and asking him what the HELL he thought he was doing, giving MY ticket to a silly teenager instead of the BABY I intended it for. At least the BABY wouldn't have spent the entire meet texting on her cell phone. Probably.

Katydid and I may end up with an extra ticket for this Saturday's meet as well. Guess where it will be?

In. My. Pocket.


DJan said...

And rightly so. Leave it in your pocket, for heaven's sake. It is only tangentially important. :-)

Maggie said...

I hate all teenagers today; next time you should tell her all the details of what is going on and see if it annoys her enough to leave.

And if I could be there, I'd be happy to take your ticket- I promise no texting and no babies.