Monday, January 9, 2012

Future Christmas Gifts.....

Right around Christmas, Hubby and I heard a news item on one of the Atlanta stations about a theft from a man's car. Apparently he had retrieved a Christmas gift from a safe, driven to a different location, and locked it in the trunk of his car. When he returned to his car, someone had broken into it and stolen the gift. He stated he had almost certainly been followed, for someone to know something that valuable was in the trunk of his car.

The gift? A $27,000 necklace he had bought for his wife.

Upon hearing that story, I told Hubby, "If you're ever inclined to buy me something like that for Christmas, just buy me a $7,000 necklace. I'll take the rest of it in cash."

I guess it's just a matter of different priorities. I can't imagine a $700 necklace, much less wearing something that is worth $27,000. But those aren't the things that make me happy, and I'm not criticizing people who ARE made happy by that type of thing.

If I had $27,000, or thought I might receive a gift worth that much, I don't think I would spend it on jewelry. Or clothes.

I might buy a new motorhome. (Trading in the one we already have, of course.)

I might do some renovations on our house. Starting with my bathroom. But don't tell Hubby, because he'll buy a new living room suit and have to tear down the whole damn house to accommodate it.

There are several things I might want to buy with my windfall, but they would be small things that would add up to $27,000.

I would probably pay off Sweet Girl's car.

I would most definitely NOT wear something worth $27,000 around my neck.

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DJan said...

Having just recently been ripped off, I feel for the guy. He must live in a different universe than me, though. Or maybe he's one of the one percent... :-)