Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Days Are Like That...Part 12714.....

I can't really say today was a disaster by any means. There was no bloodshed, no fights occurred at school, Hubby and I didn't argue, we didn't get any bad news. But for some reason I felt slightly out of kilter all day (not at all helped by the fact that when it's 60 degrees outside in January - thank all that is holy for THAT - it is still FREEZING in my classroom) and it just seemed that things that could go wrong...went slightly wrong.

  • I have a tooth that is killing me sometimes. Other times it's just a dull ache. It just happens to be the same tooth that is sporting a brand-new $900 crown on it. I could use that money for a crown to wear on my head, where it belongs. I put off calling the dentist all day today, partly because I wanted to ride my bike when I got home and not go to the dentist AGAIN, and partly because I don't have a planning period or any free time during the day to MAKE that kind of phone call.
  • I was 19.27 miles away from my cycling goal for January. And while I spent copious moments justifying and making excuses in my mind that no law said I HAD to meet my January goal, parts of my mind didn't listen. So I came home this afternoon and got on my bike, even though I was tired and already worked out on the elliptical this morning and really wanted a nap, and I rode. I rode 15.6 miles. I'm still not at my January goal, which means I will have to ride again tomorrow if I am to reach it. OCD much? I had ridden about 10 miles and was about to make a left-hand turn for home when the arm came down for the railroad signal. Seriously? Thwarted by a train? (That became the name of today's ride, by the way.) That's where the other 5 miles came from. It's also why today's route map looks like this:
  •  One of our co-workers had surgery today and will be out of school all week, so we volunteered to cook dinner for her and her husband tomorrow night. They are trying to eat healthy these days, so I offered to make a turkey tetrazzini or tetrazinni or however the heck you spell it. (I'm much too tired to go look in the cookbook, and my spell check wants to change it to "tetracycline." I'm pretty sure that's not what I cooked.) I was following the steps carefully, and had mixed the cornstarch with the milk just like it said. Then I got to "add milk." Wait...isn't that what I just DID? Oh, that was the BROTH I was supposed to combine with the cornstarch and bring it to a boil and stir until it thickened. Crap. Maybe I can convince my friend that "turkey soup" is what I intended all along.
  • I told Hubby we were having chicken strips for dinner, but I didn't think we should have both fried chicken strips AND fried potatoes. I told him he could either have grilled chicken strips (not his favorite - heck, he's not even crazy about chicken at all, but we can't have steak EVERY NIGHT) and fried potatoes, or we could have fried chicken strips and homemade potato salad. His response, just like always, was "whatever is easier for you." Great. So I compromised and breaded the chicken strips but baked them in the oven so they wouldn't be so dry. I poured canola oil into the iron skillet and reached for the potatoes...that we didn't have. Who runs out of potatoes? I usually have to throw away a few that have sprouted appendages. Not a potato in the house. And chicken strips already in the oven. Crap.
  • I don't know what kind of butter or margarine I THOUGHT I was buying at the grocery store, but I'm pretty sure I didn't mean to buy the kind that requires a jackhammer to serve. It comes in a plastic tub, but when it comes time to butter toast, it's the kind that will tear a piece of bread all to hell and back and will NEVER spread.
Enough belly-aching for tonight. I'll go take my nighttime pain reliever (don't really have any pain, but they say prevention is just as important, and I don't CARE who "they" might be) and get a good night's sleep. Who knows, maybe I'll have another crazy dream I can write about tomorrow night instead of complaining.


DJan said...

I downloaded an almost free story from Maeve Binchy today and read it, enjoyed it, and now I'm willing to pay the big bucks to read her latest book. Thanks for the tip! And I do hope that tooth decides to settle down. Mine did, finally... it took a while, though, and I went to a specialist twice, sure that he would need to do a root canal, but he didn't, and now it's fine. Fingers crossed...

Kelly said...

I firmly believe the weather plays a part in my tooth pains. I have one that is crowned (because of a crack) and it bothered for ages, but hasn't lately (knock on wood). Sometimes, though, the one that had a root canal & crown will hurt as will the one I had pulled and isn't even there anymore!! Phantom pain!

I hope yours quits hurting soon and you don't have to do anymore to it.