Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's the Little Things That Make Me Happy........

I'm not just a fan of college gymnastics; I'm a student of the sport. By that I mean I like to learn about its inner workings, the technical jargon, the political aspects of it, and even the gossip.  I'm no expert by any means, but I enjoy learning about the sport. Few days go by that I don't learn something new, whether I meant to or not.

Because I like hearing what others have to say about college gymnastics (and what I hear most is that most of them hate UGA, hate the Gym Dogs, and won't ever change their minds about that, and yet I continue to read), I routinely visit a message board devoted to college gymnastics. I post sometimes, but very infrequently. Usually my posts are questions about scoring, or policies, or things I'm confused about. I rarely offer up opinions because I'm afraid I'll get my feelings hurt.

Just like in the general population, some people on the board are polite and knowledgeable, and some are stupid and not ashamed for everyone to know it. The following posts were copied and pasted from the site; I did not edit them in any way. You will be able to tell which comment is mine, because I use the same name I use on this blog.

Gymfan04: I know everyone that reads this board is a college gym fanatic & more than likely has a favorite team, myself included. That said, must we bash the gymnasts? They have worked so hard to get where they are & should be commended for it. Yes, there is questionable scoring at times-there always has been & there always will be, that's the nature of the sport. It's not the gymnasts fault that one gymnast scored higher than another gymnast that should have scored the same. Why not enjoy the season & take it for it is, tremendous athletes competing in a sport we all love :)

Year of the Hog: You must have a very liberal definition of bashing.

The fact that fans are interested and passionate enough to discuss and question things on this board and in other forums is a good thing for our sport. No debate=no one watching or caring.  

Gymfan04: I'm not saying everyone on here does so, there are a few that go overboard in my opinion. My point was we shouldn't direct our distaste for scoring towards individual gymnasts, rather the way the scoring system is set up.

lsugymfan: totally agree its not the gymnast fault about the scoring of course i love LSU but I love gymnastics what would we do without. Its Olympic year and the college season has started some people on this board should realize that instead of demeaning these gymnast because of toe point form and scoring. Just be grateful and some opinions should be kept hidden regardless if this is a discussion board or forum. 
AreYouJoking: So in other words, pretend everything is perfect, give everyone a 10 and eliminate the postseason. Everyone gets a trophy! No opinions for anyone!

lsugymfan: Its people like you Areyoujoking that we can do without most of your post are always condescending or degrading. Your very disrespectful with some of the teams on your post yeah everyone should get a 10 thats not the world of gymnastics since u have so much to say and comment on get your ass out there and compete you take subjective to the top get a life

Bragger: On a positive note, AreYouJoking, I appreciate your use of punctuation in your posts.

louanne: :) Coffee just almost shot out of my nose.  [Accompanied by a smiley face emoticon rolling from side to side]

EliteAthlete10: Same here! Although it was green tea. ;-)

When I read the two responses to my post, I went all Sally-Field-like, thinking, "They like me! They really like me!"

Then I realized they have no idea who I am, and I came back to the real world.

But I went back and read them three more times.

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Maggie said...

Before I got to your comment I thought, "well, at least areyoujoking uses punctuation." Great minds think alike. And when I read what you wrote, tea almost shot out my nose...