Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's Hope It Wasn't a UGA Student.....

I will apologize in advance for the fact that some of you will not find this post as hilarious as I do. I myself would find it much funnier if we had actually WON THE DAMN GAME today. And that's all I'm going to say about that. It would also be funnier if you knew my brother and how quick he is.

My thanks go out to Katydid for recording the (losing) game and offering visual support for this blog post. It proves the adage that "you can't make this stuff up."

If you don't follow college football, you may not be aware that when we cheer for our Georgia Bulldogs, we don't say "Go Bulldogs." It is "Go Dawgs." Always has been, always will be.

(Personally, I struggle a bit with the grammatically incorrect "How 'bout them Dawgs," but I can usually overcome it.)

If you say, "Go Bulldogs," you immediately label yourself an imposter. Or an idiot. When someone yelled "Go Bulldogs" at Bubba Watson at some golf tournament last year, he should have walked over and plonked him or her with a nine iron. I'm just sayin'.

Early in the game today, the television scanned the crowd very briefly, and a fan in the stands was holding up this poster:

It was so brief that Hubby didn't see it, and I think he thought I was making it up when I said to him, "Seriously? Go Dwags?" (Double thank you, Katydid, since I was able to prove it to him.)

My brother, however, saw the sign too, because he texted me, "GO DWAGS"????? I was so happy someone besides me had seen it.

Then when UGA's Tavarres King scored on an 80-yard pass play, brother texted me, "TOUCHDWON!!!" 

I told him he gave me a warm feeling all over, because I had just peed on myself. Then he replied, "SRROY." I was gasping for air when I handed Hubby my cell phone so he could read the message.

Don't you kind of pencil the words in before you paint them? (Okay, okay, maybe not this particular sign.)

Don't you kind of stand back and admire your handiwork?

Don't you show your friends and family what you're going to hold up for the television cameras during the game?


It's fans like the one holding this sign that give us Georgians a bad name. It's not enough that we mispronounce our mascot on purpose, but some of us (one of us?) can't even SPELL it!

Football season for UGA is officially over, and we have nine months to lick our wounds from this one. In the meantime...


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