Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Returning to the Scene of the Crime......

Hubby and I have planned a trip to Jamaica the week before Christmas. We have reached the point where we'd much rather spend money on something we can both enjoy rather than buy each other more STUFF. We've got just about all the stuff we can handle in our basement right now. We are also both pretty bad about buying whatever we want for ourselves, so there's nothing left for the other to buy as a gift.

Hubby has never been to Jamaica before. I went with my ex on a trip that I lovingly (**ahem**) refer to as the trip from hell. Sweet Girl went too, and I wish I could just erase the whole trip from her past.

To start with, I brilliantly scheduled this vacation to fly out of Atlanta on an August Sunday in 1996. Specifically, the day after the FREAKIN' OLYMPICS ended. You know, the ones that will always be remembered for the bomb going off in Centennial Park? Yeah, those. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that we were in the airport with just about everybody else in the entire world.

Secondly, it is never good advice to travel with a drunk. Because a drunk just cannot NOT be a drunk at an all-inclusive resort. We got to Jamaica on Sunday; the drunk threatened to kill me and Sweet Girl on Monday. I will forever wish I had taken all our documents and left him there. Better yet, I should have had him arrested and let him rot in a Jamaican jail. I just wish Sweet Girl hadn't had to be there to witness that debacle.

We're not going to the same resort, or even the same city in Jamaica. I want to give the island another chance; it wasn't the island's fault I made the mistake of taking a trip with an alcoholic, abusive, evil, scumbag of a person. Perhaps he did me a favor when he shot up the house a month after this trip.

I wish I had a delete key for that whole marriage. Instead I just continue to carry life insurance on his sorry ass.

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Maggie said...

You and Hubby will have a wonderful trip, I'm sure of it.

And I love the idea that you carry life insurance on your ex. Wonder if I could do that under the guise it would be for Mac's well being when the ex died?