Friday, August 6, 2010

One Week Down.....

I had two blog topics planned, either of which would have sufficed for tonight, but it ain't gonna happen. One is about criminals with whom I've been acquainted (including a murderer) and the other is about a quaint little restaurant that used to be in the small town I lived in. Most of the memories about that restaurant revolve around Sweet Girl. I'll get to those topics in the coming days.

As usual, it has been a crazy first week of school. Nothing really out of the ordinary, just busy settling into the new (old) routine. To all my blogging pals whose sites I have sorely neglected in the past week (or two), I PROMISE I will stop by sometime this weekend and leave a comment. Y'all are wonderful about leaving sweet comments for me.

I can't promise next week will be much better. Next week will be the first week of school in my ONLINE job, and I'm teaching two different courses this fall, one of which I've never taught before. After that things should settle down and I'll get comfortable and convince myself that, yes, I CAN work two jobs!

In the meantime, happy weekend to everyone and thanks for being my friends. Love you all!