Friday, August 13, 2010

On the Road Again......

Hubby and Gus and I are on the road again this weekend, "camping" in Cherokee, North Carolina. I always forget how much I love the mountains until I see them in front of me, hazy and blue. Hubby makes fun of me because I have a jillion pictures of mountains taken from those scenic overlooks, and they all look the same. I did NOT insist that we stop and take pictures today, however, because A) I was driving the RV; and B) it was pouring rain. The rain didn't last long, however, and it is very pleasant here. We are within walking distance of the little town, with several restaurants and a casino. I really, really offered to cook, but Hubby insisted that we not bring any groceries except for snack foods. Not even breakfast stuff. I wish I had prepared a little better so I could eat less fattening stuff this weekend, but I'll just have to watch my snacking and my portion size until I can get back home.

Nothing tragic happened on this Friday the 13th, at least that I know of. Nurse Jane might disagree with me, since she is entertaining our mother for the weekend. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

We did get some wonderful news. My nephew's wife is pregnant, and today they found out they are having a boy. They already have a precious six-year-old girl, and I know my nephew was hoping for a boy. I only hope the sonogram isn't a hoax. I guess if they make a mistake on a sonogram, though, it's more likely to be the other way? Like you might not see something that is there (like happened to my OTHER nephew), but it's not likely that you see something that IS there and think it's a girl?


Happy weekend everybody! And I hope it cools off for you, wherever you may reside.