Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Randomness......

I am way too tired to put together a coherent blog post tonight, so I will have to fall back on the old random thoughts thing. I just hope I can think of more than one.

  • The new bike I wanted is out of stock. I have to wait until the 2011's come in (out?), and then it probably won't be red. Please, please, please, please don't let it be ugly.
  • I just saw a scary thing on the Little League World Series. A foul ball hit the home plate umpire in what I thought was the throat, and he went down like a sack of flour. He later walked off under his own power, though, and they were talking like it might be his clavicle.
  • I have completely emptied out the closet in Sweet Girl's old room. How can the contents of a closet cover an entire bedroom?
  • Here's how long it has been since I cleaned out Sweet Girl's closet: In it I found an old poster of the UGA gymnasts. It featured a freshman by the name of Julie Ballard who graduated in 1998 and is now the assistant coach at Georgia.
  • I almost dozed off before it was time for line dancing tonight. Then I nearly dozed off WHILE I was line dancing. Jeez, could that song GET any slower?
  • Some people don't appreciate my humor. Or what I think is humor. At Subway tonight the girl asked if I wanted either of my sandwiches toasted. I told her to toast the one I ordered for Hubby, "because that way it will be like I cooked." She didn't even smile.
  • When I left for school this morning, I knew I needed to stop for gas. As soon as I left our subdivision I realized I had left my credit card at home. Along with my driver's license. By the time I went back for those, I didn't have time to stop for gas. Good thing it's only 7 miles to school.
  • The humidity was down to about 45% here today. So 90 degrees only felt like 90 degrees.
  • I see two women walking every morning on my way to school. Evidently they meet at the house of one of them and walk up and down her driveway. On my way home the other day I saw the one who lives there stop her car at the end of the driveway to get the mail. Instead of walking.
  • I want to retire the same way Lou Pinella of the Chicago Cubs did yesterday. Just get up one morning and say, "You know what? I'm not coming back tomorrow."
  • When I don't want the clothing donation folks to call me, it seems they call every other day. Let me gather up several bags of items to be donated, and the phone is stubbornly silent. I can schedule a pick-up online, but I am also stubborn.

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