Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heat Wave.....

Yet again I'm going to complain about this heat wave. We've had about a bajillion straight days of temperatures in the 90s. The heat was oppressive this morning when I went outside to get the newspaper. At 5:10 in the morning!

It wouldn't be quite so bad except that, because our county has no money, we are forbidden from turning our thermostats below 76 degrees. Which won't be a problem very much longer, because they are going to install thermostats that we can't adjust. Yeah, that probably won't cost anything.

Our school is in a very old, very poorly insulated elementary school. In the afternoons the sun shines directly on my side of the building. I have a window-door, and we are also forbidden from putting anything over the window because it is a fire hazard. Not a sheet of paper, not a curtain, nothing. And if the students can't see their computer screens because of the glare..... oh well.

I didn't get on the elliptical this morning because my foot was aching from what I think may be a stress fracture but may just be old age. Therefore this afternoon when I got home, I felt obligated to go walk for my daily exercise. We took the dogs to the park, and oddly enough, there was no one else there enjoying the 90 degree heat and +90% humidity. It was brutal. Way to go, Einstein.

We got in the pool when we got home, and it was like bathwater. No, I am NOT complaining about my pool. It was slightly refreshing if we got out of the pool and sat where a stray breeze might blow by.

I want to get some August mileage in on my bicycle, but it's too hot to ride. Hell, it's too hot to ride my MOTORCYCLE.

I usually hate to see summer come to an end, but if I've got to be back in school anyway in blazing temperatures, bring on the fall.

And bring football season with you if you don't mind.

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