Monday, August 9, 2010

Gold Star, Please.........

Subtitle: I'm such an excellent nagger, I can even nag myself.

I didn't exercise this morning, which is unusual for a school day. I had plenty of excuses:
  • The elliptical is making a horrible grinding noise and I didn't want to bother (retired) Hubby.
  • My foot hurts. (It's been hurting for months, but I can always drag it out to use as an excuse if I'm desperate.)
  • Exercising in the morning makes it difficult to put make-up on my sweaty face.
  • I can always count the Monday night line dancing class as exercise.
So I used the extra 40-45 minutes to play Zelda on the Nintendo DS this morning, always an excellent use of time for someone who will be 50 on her next birthday.

This afternoon I got an email that tonight's line dancing class was canceled due to the imminent eminent expected arrival of the instructor's granddaughter.


I could have skipped it altogether, but I had already skipped both Saturday AND Sunday. It's rare that I go two days in a row without exercise, much less three.

So I dragged myself home and talked Hubby into going to the park with me. In the heat of the day. On the very day I'm to teach live online for the first time this semester. When I could have used that time to prepare the lesson I'm going to teach.

Just in case no gold stars were forthcoming, I had a beer with dinner. It's almost the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing hysterically right now!!!