Saturday, August 28, 2010

We Have a New Rule in Our House.....

Beginning this weekend, we have a new rule in our house:

  • If you bring any ONE thing into this house (new, old, refurbished, free, damaged, pristine, borrowed, stolen, inherited, whatever), you have to get rid of TWO other things.
We have made two trips to goodwill and one to the trash dump, and we haven't even made a dent. How in the world did we accumulate this much junk?

I guess Hubby has a better excuse than I do, since he has lived in this house for going on 38 years. I've only been here for going on 14 years, and it seems that I have a lot more junk than he does.

I've already warned him that I'm on a roll, and the basement is next. I won't insist that he get rid of his prized possession, a '69 Ford pickup truck that lives in the basement because he bought it brand new and had it semi-restored a few years ago. But everything else is fair game.

Except my bicycle. And the tandem. And my kayak.

If we'd had the energy and the time or organize a yard sale, I'll bet we could have made $1000. And we aren't even finished yet. But if goodwill can benefit from our stuff, I don't mind donating it.

I'm just tired of hauling it downstairs.


Maggie said...

Donating is good.... got any students you could give extra credit to for carrying it downstairs? heehee...

Evil Pixie said...

We need to clear the clutter from our house too. This summer was supposed to include cleaning out the garage. Summer is almost over, and we haven't touched the garage. The Pixie Household knows it is happening Labor Day weekend (which sorta seems fitting), and none of us are looking forward to it. But it is stuffed to the rafters (literally), and it needs to be done.