Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The World According to Teenagers......

It never ceases to amaze me that some students are surprised -- astounded even -- that they are expected to WORK in an online course. I don't know what they are told by the people who sign them up for such courses, but apparently some of them do not get the proper message.

One student this semester in particular was incredulous (and dismayed) that she would be required to -- wait for it -- write essays. In a literature course.

Last night I had these exchanges with this student.

KB: How can I bring my grade up, like fast? I really need to pass.
Me: You might try working on the assignments that are due this week and stop working on things that aren't due until March 27th.
KB: I'm trying to get ahead.


[When I mentioned the novel project coming up]

KB: Novel? I have to read a book?
Me: Yes, it's for the novel project.
KB: Can it be anything?
Me: It has to be from the list I sent you.
KB: I don't have a list.
Me: I emailed it to you. The novel work is due March 20th.
KB: March 20th?????? That's 10 days!
Me: That's why I sent you the novel list in January.


[At the end of the session, when I "dismissed" them]

Me: Well, that's all I have for tonight.
KB: Well now I have nothing to do.
Me: What do you mean you have nothing to do?
KB: We're finished, so I don't have anything to do. MySpace time!
Me: You could work on that Life of Pi essay that's due Friday.
KB: Yeah, I guess I could do that.


Email exchanges today:

KB: Is all of the Life of Pi stuff due this Friday?
Me: Yes, all of it except the post-test, which is next Monday.

So she submitted an assignment for Life of Pi Part 1, which she had already submitted previously and FOR WHICH SHE HAD A GRADE OF 100.

I didn't think I needed to point out that she didn't need to submit assignments that had already been graded. I stand corrected.


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Hecate said...

Sounds about like one of the students I have the didn't know the discussion board was required even though every single class session tab has a link there to take them to the proper board. And the syllabus tells them that it's part of their grade!