Monday, March 16, 2009

Billy and Elton Part 2.....

As promised, I TRIED TO POST video from the concert Saturday night. I didn't get any video of Billy Joel and Elton John singing together. I was way too excited at the beginning, and by the end when they sang together again, I had used up my memory card. [Note to self: Purchase a larger memory card before you go to the Dominican Republic next month.]

It's not great video, and it certainly doesn't capture the essence of being there. It probably violates all sorts of copyright laws and a couple of international peace treaties, but oh well.

I created the video from clips that I took Saturday night, and then I added fairly mundane captions and titles to the movie.

And I THOUGHT I formatted it small enough for it to upload. But it's been spinning for an hour (maybe more, I lost track of time), and it's past my bedtime.

Just trust me that I was really there.

When I first started going to see Billy Joel in concert, he was 29. And he had hair. He will be 60 this year, on May 9th.

Back in the 80's he would do back flips off the piano.

In the 90's he would stand on the piano and pretend he was going to do a back flip, then just jump off backward.

Now he doesn't even bother getting up there. I'm not sure he can.

He still puts on a heck of a show. But that twirling the microphone stand has got to go. I think he's milked that one for just about all it's worth.

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