Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking...

Purely hypothetical situation:

Let's just say I frequently contact you by email with various questions related to my online job because you happen to be my department chair.

Let's just say that I try my best to be as clear and succinct as possible, because I'm aware that you are currently teaching about a gazillion students, in addition to being department chair over a collection of teachers who have varying levels of ability to A) pay attention; and B) figure things out on their own.

Let's just say that generally I try my best to figure things out on my own, but occasionally I break down and email you for help.

Please believe me when I say this is a tremendous blow to my pride, because I really, really like to figure things out on my own. I consider it a form of winning.

Let's just say that I come upon a problem that's a little more complex than can be described in an email, and I need an answer IMMEDIATELY because the student it involves is hanging on the other end of a text message waiting for me to fix it.

Let's just say that I call your cell phone, only to get your voice mail.

Let's just say that you listen to my question and choose to email me rather than call me back, and when you email me you give me a non-answer to a question that I DIDN'T ASK????

Don't I have grounds to be just a little bit annoyed? I know your son broke his collarbone and you're busy, but I didn't exactly call to chat. I had something I needed help with, and I never would have figured that particular solution out on my own.

Have we gotten so far away from civilization that we can't even make phone calls anymore?

Just curious.

By the way, I ADORE my department chair. She is sweet, bubbly, smart, organized, and funny, and she is supportive of all of us without being a pushover. If we screw up, she lets us know, but she doesn't castigate us for it. Still, returning my call would have been nice. I'm just sayin'.

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