Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why Can't......

  • Mondays go as fast as the weekends do?
  • NASCAR just show the last lap of a race?
  • Commentators for the audio feed of gymnastics meets give us something more substantial than "Wow!" or "Amazing!" or "Oooooo!"?
  • I think to buy stuff on Saturday that I can't buy on Sunday here in the Bible belt?
  • I make myself fold the last load of laundry?
  • My tile floors stay pretty more than 15 minutes after I mop them?
  • People who are sworn enemies of my family members (and crazy to boot) NOT invite me to be their friends on Facebook?
  • I sleep through a whole night?
  • My cat understand that the bag of food he chewed a hole in is the SAME STUFF that's in his bowl?
  • My dog figure out where the squirrels go?
  • My neighbor crank his motorcycle and let it run for 15 minutes sometime BEFORE 9:00 PM?
  • Spring Break just hurry up and GET HERE?


Ann(ie) said...

Amazing is the most overused word on the planet.

Anonymous said...

I have to assume you're referring to alcohol or chic-fil-a in terms of the Saturday/Sunday thing.